Two Local Girls
Two Local Girls


We use organic produce & humanely raised non GMO meats when possible

Large 36 pieces- serves 20-25

Small 18 pieces- serves 10-12

* Indicates some cooking by hosts.  Instructions included. 


Cremini Mushrooms Stuffed with Asparagus Lemon Thyme Risotto(GF) *

sm:$36  lrg:$72

Zucchini Cups with Goat Cheese, Corn, Peppers (GF) *

sm:$30  lrg:$60

Compressed Watermelon with Feta & Mint(GF) 

sm: $30  lrg: $60

Padron Pepper Corn Manchego Empanadas*

sm:$40  lrg: $80

Zucchini Roulades with Herbed Goat Cheese & Roasted Cherry Tomatoes (GF) 

sm: $30  lrg: $60


Seeded Cracker with Cannellini Beans, Arugula & Preserved Lemon (VEGAN)(GF)

sm:$25  lrg: $50

Cucumber Cups stuffed with Hummus, Roasted Red Peppers, Olives (VEGAN)(GF) 

sm: $30  lrg: $60


Peanut Curry Chicken on Wonton Chips (DF) 

sm:$40  lrg: $80

Artichoke, Chicken & Sundried Tomato with Basil Sauce (DF)(GF)

sm: $40  lrg: $80


Endive with 

Creamy Smoked Trout Mousse & Dill (GF) 

sm:$40  lrg: $80

Tea-Poached Prawns with Sesame Aioli

sm:$45  lrg:$90

Smoked Salmon with 

Caramelized Onion & Dill on Seeded Crackers

sm:$45  lrg:$90


Mediterranean Lamb Meatballs served with Tzatziki*

sm:$45  lrg:$90

Smoked Tri Tip Crostini with Tapenade, Caramelized Onions, Feta 

sm:$40  lrg: $80

Olive, Manchego, Uncured Salami Bites 

sm: $20  lrg: $40

Grilled Peaches Wrapped with Prosciutto with Balsamic Reduction (DF)(GF) 

sm: $30  lrg: $60

Mini Tomato Bacon Cheddar Pies 

sm: $36  lrg: $72 

Zucchini Cups with Chorizo, Goat Cheese, Corn, Peppers (GF)*

sm:$36  lrg:$72